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Discover our spirit of innovation and our know-how in machining technology, plastics technology and mold making.
Embark with us on an impressive, large, international, economic cooperation.
Supported by the strength of a large, competent team, by countless ideas and creations, we offer you all of that
Special - products and solutions perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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The beginning of every product is development

As a development and service partner, we offer our customers optimal solutions and efficiency. In product and process development, which is part of our ...


Milled parts for every application and according to your specifications

We have state-of-the-art CNC machining centers for the manufacture of precision parts...


Turned parts exactly according to your technical specifications

We manufacture every requirement, from prototypes to large series, in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality


We reach inaccessible places

With sinking and wire EDM, we can easily reach difficult and inaccessible areas with the desired precision and quality

mold making

The quality of the mold determines the quality of the part

We know very well that the injection mold is the greatest foundation of any plastic part

injection molding

Simply strong: Modern injection molding Made in Germany

We produce your parts with our precision injection molding machines and extensive expertise

Let's approach the industry world of TERNPLAS

Every customer has specific requirements. With our well-founded and comprehensive industry know-how, makes us a particularly reliable business partner


Confidence, performance and reliability

Fast reaction times, the highest product quality and special expertise in the field of technical plastics characterize the demanding automotive segment.

medical technology

Clean performance

As a development and manufacturing partner, we influence what is most important to us as humans: our health. TERNPLAS manufactures high-precision components and assemblies with the greatest care.

Electrical engineering

Not just appearance, but substance

The possible uses of our cost-effective and tool-specific plastic injection molded parts are almost unlimited in electrical engineering.

plumbing and household

High demands on haptics and surfaces

Visible parts require the highest precision in tool manufacture and parts production.

industrial technology

Manufacture and assemble assemblies

Plastic has excellent properties for industrial applications. The material is often used in the areas of electronics, irrigation, food and much more.

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