The most modern injection molding production and our highly qualified team of German, Turkish engineers and technicians with high technical knowledge from Germany create sophisticated thermoplastic and LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) parts for our customers in the automotive industry and general industry.

We continue to grow and invest for you in the latest injection molding techniques Made in Germany.

Simply strong: modern injection molding Made in Germany

With precision injection molding machines and specialist know-how custom molded injection molded parts are produced according to your wishes.
Your advantage: high quality at reasonable production costs in Turkey.

Process stability

In plastics processing, the moisture content of the material has a decisive effect on process reliability and product quality. Therefore, we let the granulate pre-dry before it goes into processing with the
dry-air dryer of the German Manufacturer

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)

LSR injection molds differ from thermoplastic injection molds.

LSR material in liquid form has a very low viscosity. The injection molding tools must therefore have a very high level of accuracy. For the reliable production of high-quality liquid silicone parts, it is important for us to create a secure basis with tool and cold runner systems.
That is why, in addition to our injection molding tool production, we work with well-known LSR tool manufacturers from Germany and Austria.