With TernCloud, your data is secure

TernCloud is a cloud storage and content management system that protects all information and documents in an electronic environment, stores all types of documents and makes them easy to share according to the DSGVO (Data Protection Act).

TernCloud features file backup in multiple locations as part of disaster recovery scenarios. Data can be stored in more than one memory to improve data security. Since all data is "crypto", there is no security gap. All source code (for country security) is in no way open.

Thanks to the unique operating system of TernCloud, the existing file accumulation in the system is not affected by the virus, even if an infected file is discarded in the system. The virus can not change the identity of the file or its contents. Virus protection or firewall is therefore not required.

With TernCloud, customer data is safe from the theft of our computer, hard drive failure, or file corruption through backup, blocking, and cyrpto-virus protection.

TernCloud backup files are separated by encryption and fragmentation. Any unauthorized person can not combine these parts and can not decrypt this highly secure password. Backup files can only be accessed with the user name and password assigned to the user.